Amytza Maskati
Briella Burch
Good natured, unconventional, eccentric, funny, used to life in the Country Club scene, uses the radio to break out of her character. It is a tax write off but also allows her to break the rigid rules of the society she lives in. Over the top. energetic.
Anthony Grier
Ashley Diaz
Ashley Diaz was born on September 24, 1991 in Miami Beach, FL to two immigrant parents from Cuba. Ashley's love of the arts began as a child watching her grandfather Jorge sculpt and paint. While attending college Ashley became a certified Tour Guide for Miami-Dade. Where she then decided to peruse a career as an actress.
Javon Wiggins
Jennifer Parker
Jennifer Parker plays "Charmaine Woo", in charge of PR, Charmaine is somewhat serious and means business. Somewhat conservative, she is a voice of reason for Miami Radio. Jennifer enjoys acting in TV and commercials in the Miami area and is excited to be working on Miami Radio, giving her a chance to practice her comedy chops.
Karel Curras
My name is Karel Curras. You can call me Special K. I love imitations. I play Mickey Tyson in the web series Miami radio. I am a 46 year young Cuban actor/actress, cause you never know that I can play a woman in a series or role.I am a Cancer which means I am shy but still crazy and nuts. I have worked as a juggler, stiltwalker, clown, actor, and comedian since 1995.
Patrick Sheehan
Patrick was a late bloomer to the acting world, starting in his early 30's. He has been an extra on shows such as Ballers, Graceland, and has been a featured extra in commercials for KFC, and Party City. Patrick holds 3 Bachelor's degrees from Rhode Island College, a Master's degree in education, and was recently accepted to FAMU School of Law.
Oxana Heyward
Oxana Eremina plays "Lady Lila the Russian Boss". Her character is a street savvy hard-nosed go-getter who knows how to make things happen. With her proteges Eddie Lee and Lil’ Rickey, Lady Lila offers invaluable services to their friends and Miami Radio.
Meggie Cherilus
Pedro Louis
Pedro Louis is an actor from Fort Lauderdale, FL. He received his degrees from both Broward College (Chemistry) and FAU (Sociology). This is his second season with Miami Radio Inc. Pedro has been on numerous South Florida stage productions including Miami Lakes Playhouse The Pot, The Sunshine Boys by Neil Simon and Shakespeare's The Tempest and Much Ado about Nothing.
Reka Dubovitz
how you interpret the character Sydi is an unusual creature. She started off as a classical pianist and she got into rapping solely to mess with her parents. But some time in, she realized that it's not only more fun than she'd expected, but she rapidly gained a fan base all over Europe with her unique YouTube videos.
Shkia Dennis
Wilnard Baker
Wilnard Baker plays "Al Sharper A.k.a. Big Al", the know it all antagonist of Miami Radio FM 109.5. Big Al is the typical my way or the highway guy, a bit self -absorbed and has way too much time on his hands to make problems for the staff at the radio station. You never know what he might do. He loves to hear himself speak. Self-acclaimed ladies’ man.